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Liberty Wallpaper Collection – The Modern Collector

Whether you’re an ardent fan of Liberty or have never heard of the iconic British brand we think you’ll love their new wallpaper collection, ‘The Modern Collector’named in honor of the store’s founder Arthur Lasenby Liberty. Inspiration for the collection started with the Liberty archive that consists of patterns, photos, drawings and paintings dating back to when the company was founded in 1875.

The Modern Collector is the compilation of archival Liberty patterns that have been reinterpreted and rescaled alongside new patterns so they work for walls, upholstery and curtains. The Liberty Look with a modern twist.

Layering matte and metallic pigments gives Botanical Stripe a soft painterly feel reminiscent of Victorian cyanotypes.

Three Themes

“The Collection has three themes which reflect the three design pillars of Liberty. We wanted to really establish these three design styles as the foundation for the Liberty Interiors Collection,” states Genevieve Bennett, Head of Design Interiors for Liberty Fabrics, in an interview with aspire magazine.

Tree of Life is inspired by the hand-painted Indian Palampore textiles from the eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries with their rich shades of plant and animal dyes.

Floribunda is a celebration of English flowers and gardens. Liberty designers were inspired by botanical drawings, Victorian flower pressing and blueprint cyanotypes created by botanist Anna Atkins in the 1800s. Some say she was the first woman to create a photograph! (We thought Anna Atkins was worth a mention)

Art Nouveau offers a continuation of Liberty designers’ journey through collections of plants. Stylized botanicals and single motifs of flower and feather are Nouveau icons.

The Modern Collector wallpaper book offers 12 patterns in 54 exceptional colorways. Careful consideration went into the printing process and five different printing techniques were used to best bring out the character of each design. “The result is a collection that combines expert craftsmanship…reflecting the beauty and quality of heritage wallcoverings with a fresh and contemporary appeal.”


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Where To Find

Hirshfield’s Design Resource Showroom carries The Modern Collector.

Hirshfield’s Shop at Home has a set of The Modern Collector Fabric books on hand. Please call 651-366-6969 to set up a time to view (and touch) the books.

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