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How to Remove Wallpaper

removing wallpaper scraper

Removing wallpaper is not always as difficult as you may think.  Fabric backed and other strippable wall coverings can simply be carefully pulled from the walls.  Solid vinyl wall coverings are peelable which means the decorative overlay will strip off, but the paper backing remains on the wall.  You must first know which type of wallpaper you have on your walls.  This process is easy. Just find a cornered start peeling. If it easily peels away in one large sheet, backing and all, it’s stripable and you’re almost done.  If it doesn’t peel easily and comes of in pieces, here is how to remove it properly:

What you need:

      • Wallpaper knife

      • Wallpaper scoring tool or perforating tool

      • Wallpaper removal solution

      • Drop cloths

      • Spray bottle or garden pump sprayer

      • Protective eyewear and glove

1.  Be sure to turn off electrical current and cover electrical outlets and switches.

2.  Spread drop cloths to protect floor.

3.  Perforate the wallpaper surface with the scoring tool.  This will allow the wallpaper removal solution to soak in behind the wallpaper and loosen the adhesive from the wall.

4.  Spray or spread the wallpaper solution on liberally and let soak according to label directions.  Reapply as directed.

5.  It is very important to let soak and reapply according to the label directions.  Do not rush this process.

6.  Once the wallpaper is loosened, carefully peel it away with a wallpaper knife.  Be sure to remove the paper backing,being careful not to gouge the wall underneath.  

7.  Some older wallpaper can be resistant and will need to be soaked again with the removal solution.

8.  Spray the wall with the removal solution to remove any adhesive that may be present.  Use a sponge with clean, hot water to make sure the adhesive is completely removed.

9.  Allow ample time for the surface to dry thoroughly.  

10.  Use a recommended primer and you’re ready to redecorate!



     What you need:

      • Roller tray or bucket for water

      • Paint Roller

      • Wallpaper knife

1. Apply hot, clean water to the wall with a paint roller.  Roll upwards to avoid excess water on the floor.  Keep your wallpaper soaking wet for 10-15 minutes.  Apply more water as the wallpaper dries.

2.  Use a wallpaper knife to lift the top of the wallpaper panel.  Grab both top corners with both ands and gently peel the panel off the wall.

3.  If the delaminating occurs, peel the top layer off and reapply water to the backing for 5 additional minutes.  Use a spatula or knife to lift as  you peel the backing off.

Tip: Extending the soaring process will allow you to peel larger pieces off.