How To/Wallcoverings

Options for Rough Walls

Hanging Wallpaper over paneling, concrete block and textured walls

In many cases you can hang wallcoverings right over lightly textured walls. The key is in choosing a wallcovering that will hide or disguise any of the texture that may show through. Try to pick designs that camouflage rather than reflect imperfections. Avoid plain or shiny backgrounds. Heavily embossed textures with an overprint, small busy prints, and expanded vinyls are good choices. Following are possible solutions for rough walls. Be sure to inquire at the Customer Service Desk with any questions.

1. Expanded or Sculptured Vinyls.

Our sample book library has a selection of these wallcoverings which have a puffy texture that gives them good visual dimension for hiding lightly textured surfaces. These wallcoverings generally are available in neutral shades with hints of color and are excellent choices for family rooms, recreation rooms and entry walls.

2. Paintable Applique Wallcoverings

These are highly embossed textured patterns, they are all white, preprimed, and are designed to be finished with latex paint in your choice of color.

On a historic note, there are several patterns reminiscent of old tin ceilings.

3. Heavy Weight Commercial Vinyl.

There are many patterns, textures and colors available in heavy weight, fabric backed commercial vinyl. The heavier weights and embossings will do a better job disguising light texture and smaller problems. Be sure to discuss your project needs with one of our Decorating Consultants.

4. Lining Papers or Wall Liners.

Lining papers are used to bridge over grooved paneling, cement block, cinder block, and similar surfaces before hanging new wall covering. These would otherwise be wall surfaces not appropriate for wallcovering because of the extreme texture.

Surface Preparation.

Paneling should be cleaned with trisodium phosphate and rinsed well. Allow to dry. Sand slightly with medium sandpaper. Size with Uniprep Prepcoat. On cement block walls, chip off protrusions of mortar or they will show through. Size masonry with Wall Prep Multi-Purpose Interior Latex Primer (new block may need 2 coats).

NOTE: Deeply grooved paneling,block walls and sand painted (orange peel) walls may need to be spackled or skim coated. Wall liner will not make all walls look perfect.
Caution : Below grade blocks walls tend to have condensation problems in summer months. The moisture encourages mildew growth, and therefore we discourage the use of wallcoverings over below grade block walls.

Application Tips.

Apply heavy duty liners horizontally over grooved paneling, vertically on cement block. Use heavy duty vinyl adhesive. Allow booking time of ten minutes. DO NOT USE a smoothing brush as this may push the wall liner into the grooves. Instead, use a plastic vinyl smoother. Apply the pressure vertically with the grooves.

This will allow the paper to dry out out and thus bridge over.

Allow liner to dry 24-48 hours. Prime and size in one step using Wall Prep Multi-Purpose Primer. Let dryovernight. Hang new wallcovering selected to disguise any imperfections (from above through #2).