Friday Finds: Top Drapery Designer Joins Shop at Home Team

picture of Judy Ciaciura

Hirshfield’s Shop at Home Welcomes Judy Ciaciura

It’s hard to find anybody who enjoys working with draperies and window treatments more than Judy Ciaciura. “I love what I do,” she says. “I love the challenge of solving window treatment challenges.”

Judy Ciaciura
Judy Ciaciura

Judy has been solving those challenges since 1973, when she started her career at Dayton’s in Downtown St. Paul (for those of you who remember that store), and developed quite a reputation for her design work after opening DJ Draperies in Little Canada with her friend Donna in 1988.

Eye for Design

“I guess I was just born that way,” Judy says, trying to explain her passion for drapery and design, “because there was never anything else I wanted to do.” In fact, when Donna retired about five years ago, Judy kept going, and now she has decided to join the Hirshfield’s Shop at Home team.

“We’ve been respected competitors for nearly 30 years and now I’m working for them,” she says. “And I’m very excited. They’re an awesome company.”

Judy is an NCIDQ certified designer who can tackle just about any design challenge, residential or commercial, but she loves those draperies. “They can provide color, they can provide excitement, they can provide quietness like an acoustic feeling to the room,” she says. “They’re not just functional, because function is important too, but I just love aesthetically what draperies do to a room.”

Designing with Drapery

Judy particularly enjoys it when other designers work on the rest of a room, but depend on her to handle the window treatments. “Just tell me what your vision is,” she says. “I’ll help you put that vision in  fabric, and then I’ll orchestrate and get it up, and you don’t have to do anything.”

And after all these years, what keeps her going? The drapes, of course. “I just love the fact that drapery panels and fabrics are in,” she says. “For a while, everything was vertical blinds and hard treatments, and now fabrics are in again. Geometric patterns are in. Color is in. It’s just fun.”

You can contact Judy by calling Hirshfield’s Shop at Home at (651) 366-6969.

Welcome Judy!

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