Energy Saving Window Treatments


Here in Minnesota, there is a common phrase you’ll hear particularly in the summertime, “It’s not the heat, it’s the humidity.”  In my opinion, sometimes it is just the heat. And while I welcome these few months when I don’t have to bundle up in 15 layers of clothing, there are days when it’s just too darn hot!

But instead of cranking up the air conditioner (and my electric bill), I’ve decided to investigate my options when it comes to energy saving window treatments. To learn more about my options, I spoke with Shannon Scarrella, who works in the window treatment division at Hirshfield’s.

Shannon recommends you look for two things when considering an energy efficient window treatment:

  • A high R-Value: This measures a window treatments’ resistance to heat flow
  • Something sheer: You still want light to come through, to help reduce you energy costs in other areas, such as interior lighting

According to HunterDouglas.com, the walls of a contemporary home typically have an R-value of 19, while standard double-pane windows only have an R-value of about 2. Window fashions like Hunter Douglas’ Duette® Architella® honeycomb shades can add up to 4 points to a window’s R-value, tripling the energy efficiency of a standard double-pane window and cutting heat loss through it by up to two-thirds. That will save you some money!

“Our most popular blind by far is the honeycomb design, not only for its energy efficiency but also for its versatility,” says Shannon. “These treatments have multiple lifting systems, child safety features, and offer room darkening benefits.”

Shannon also mentioned that today’s window fashions are much more than just fashion – They are tools to save energy resources, control the flow of energy, and help to reduce overall energy use. Helping the environment with fashion? Sounds like something even I can do!

Too many options? Need a little extra help?  Call 651-366-6969 for more information about a  free in-home visit – Hirshfield’s Shop At Home will come to you!

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