Hirshfield's Design Resource offers two dry erase solutions:
Transcribe Dry Erase Wallcovering - see below
• and visuWall, a dry erase clear coat finish - click here for visuWall

Transcribe Dry Erase Walls
Transcribe Dry Erase Wallcovering creates custom "writeable walls".  Entire walls in Conference Rooms, individual Offices, Training Areas and Public Spaces.  Flat or curved walls, columns, and hallways.  These can all become places where ideas are created and shared.  From strategizing to educating, Transcribe can meet your needs.

The Transcribe Advantage

Easily maintained writing surface, tested to stand up to everyday erasing and cleaning.

Ten-year limited warranty. Class A Rated. Designed for Commercial Usage.

Accessory package includes Marker Tray, Perimeter Trim and Tac Strip.

Available in Writing Only and Projection Capable finishes.

Where Ideas Are Born
Whenever the need exists for visual communication, Transcribe is the solution. Transcribe is a dry erase wallcovering  with thousands of proven installations worldwide.

Don’t be limited by pre-configured whiteboards. Cover entire walls from floor to ceiling. Wrap columns and custom fit our dry erase material into any size space. Conference and training rooms, nurses stations and patient rooms, individual offices and public office areas, classrooms and more. Your imagination is the only limitation to the range of uses for Transcribe Dry Erase Wallcovering.

Transcribe Dry Erase Wallcovering Colors and Styles Available:

Writing Only (60" wide)

Writing Only (60" wide)

Projection Capable (60" wide)

Specifications and available items:

Wallcovering with Writing Only Dry Erase Surface
Item # TS-WO-White
Item # TS-WO-Cream
• 59/60-inches Wide
• Commercial Fabric Backing
• Type II Weight (24 oz. per lin. yd)

Wallcovering with Projection Capable Dry Erase Surface
Item #TS-PC-White
• 59/60-inches Wide
• Commercial Fabric Backing
• Type II Weight (24 oz. per lin. yd)

Aluminum Marker Tray and End Caps
Item # TS1-MarkerTray (Mounts with clips. Requires End-Caps)
• Sold in 8-foot sections only
• Width of tray portion is 2.75-inches
• Stocked in Silver
Item # TS-EndCaps
• Sold per pair (2 each)

Aluminum Perimeter Trim
Item # TS1-SnapTrim (mounts with clips)
• Sold in 8-foot sections only
• Width is 1.75-inches / Profile height is 0.312-inches
• Endcaps included
• Stocked in Silver

Aluminum Cork-Inset Perimeter Trim
Item # CorkTrim (mounts with clips)
• 2-inches Wide
• Sold in 8-foot sections only – Requires Endcaps
• Clip with Hooks, Map Rails and Flag Holders are available. Call for pricing.

Micro-Fiber Cloth Erasers
Expo Markers (Bold Color) 4-marker set
Expo Cleaner 8 oz. spray bottle

more information available at transcribedryerasewalls.com


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