Decorating with Red and Pink

Break out the red and pink – the lovey-dovey feeling of Valentine’s Day is still lingering! While you’re decorating your home with the colors of this lover’s holiday and adding heart-shaped pillows, placemats, and rugs to your space, do you know why we use these symbolic hues every February?

The three principal colors associated with Valentine’s Day are red, pink, and white. Each has a unique meaning to add to any Valentine’s Day celebration, and all can be used in your home separately or in any combination.

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Red represents desire, strength, and passionate love, and is connected to beauty and courage. It’s no wonder that red roses are so popular this time of year.


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When you’re thinking pink, you should think of grace, gentility, and joy, three characteristics of this color. Pink is also associated with youthfulness and warmth.

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Finally, white evokes innocence, modesty, admiration, and elegance.

Fill your home with love the corresponding colors of Cupid this Valentine’s Day!

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