Custom Window Treatments for Kids’ Rooms

window shade that says Frozen

Coming Soon To Hirshfield’s: Custom Shades For Any Kid (Or Adult)

When your kids grow up and have their own design opinions, updating their rooms can be…well…challenging. Ask any parent. Or Hirshfield’s Window Treatment Manager Shannon Scarrella. “For the Tweens and older, sometimes finding a ‘cool’ window treatment is hard to find,” she says. But Hirshfield’s can use technology to help.

“We have the ability to custom color roller shades from stripes to polka dots, geometric prints, or even a solid color,” she says.  “There are over 500 colors to pick from! We also have the rights to the Disney collection. I think this as a great option for kids rooms or kids bathrooms.”

disney window treatment
Custom Disney Roller Shade

What that means is we now have more options than any book can handle, or any kid could demand. “We can customize a window treatment with their school colors or their favorite team’s logo (Major League Baseball or NHL),” she explains. “There are also website after website that allow you to purchase an image (prices vary depending on the website), and that image can then be turned into a roller shade.”

Hirshfield's Birch Tree for Shade
Birch Trees for PERSONA Custom Graphic Roller Shade

There are many great places for these customized shades. For example, Hirshfield’s made a roller shade with birch trees (above) for use in a lake home. Even when the shade is pulled down, you still have a beautiful view.

With custom shades available in paisleys, polka dots, stripes and solids – not to mention the logos and custom photos – the next question is how do you decorate a room around your custom window treatments? Shannon suggests using the bedding as an inspiration. “There are so many resources out there to pick bedding from,” she notes. “Balance is always important! If you have large windows and busy bedding, you may want to go for a more subtle window treatment. Small window in a bedroom – do something fun with it!”

These Disney custom shades will be available in our retail stores in a couple weeks. For more advice on window treatments, and to find out more about custom shades, visit our local Hirshfield’s locations in Minnesota, Wisconsin and North Dakota.

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