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Does your home reflect your personal style? Use our inspiration gallery to help define that style. Posts on color trends, new ideas, paint, wallcovering, and window treatments will point you in the right direction.

parking ramp

Minneapolis’ Monet

  Props to City Council Member Lisa Goodman for her inspiration to have Loring Ramp owner, Alatus LLC, team up with Forecast Public Art, St. Paul artist Joshua Sarantitis’ interpretation of Monet’s water lilies, and our friends over at Sunrise Painting & Wallcovering, for a great looking paint job.  
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Loft Living Tips

Decorating your loft or condo can be very different than decorating a larger house — you have to be sure to make the most out of the space you have.  Here are some of my top tips for styling your loft or condo: Make the most of your focal points: Highlight unique spots in your...
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Christmas Tree made out of stuff

I Love, Love, Love This Christmas Tree.

This truly is eye candy for me. Granted, if I made this tree I would drive myself crazy trying to get it to look as good as this photo. If you didn’t want to adhere it to your walls you could easily put it on a sheet of foam core.  Go as small or large...
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