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Does your home reflect your personal style? Use our inspiration gallery to help define that style. Posts on color trends, new ideas, paint, wallcovering, and window treatments will point you in the right direction.

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Friday Finds: Gray, Grey, Greige

            The color gray is a gray area. It is a complex color. “That’s not gray, that’s…” It’s been 10 years since gray first popped up on our radar. Back then no one was using gray as their primary wall color. That’s all changed. So many choices. When asked about...
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Calming Colors

Who really has time to relax these days? Everything is go, go, go! I bet you were so busy you didn’t even know August 15th was National Relaxation Day. But even if your life is chaotic, your home and work environments don’t have to be. Surrounding yourself with calm and relaxing colors can have a...
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33 Shades of Green

Alissa, of 33 shades of green, recently shared with her readers the lovely home she has created for herself. What caught my eye, in addition to all the great interior finishes, is the Benjamin Moore Paint used throughout her home. This tour is for all the Hirshfield’s readers searching for Benjamin Moore paint colors. Props...
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Color Matching

We all have a favorite color, that shade of green or blue or purple that just makes us feel good. But if you’re looking for Tiffany blue or Coca-Cola red for your next project, sometimes there just isn’t that perfect match in the countless options of paint chips available at the paint store. That’s where...
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Where Does Color Start and Stop in Large Rooms

Large rooms and open floor plans top the list of many homeowners’ wish lists. Open floor plans are great for family gatherings and entertaining, but can present some challenges when it comes to choosing color. Should I use light or dark colors in a large space? Do all my walls need to be the same...
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literise last shade

Literise Shades

When you’re looking at how to dress up and cover your windows, the options can be endless.  One approach is to use blinds or shades as your window coverings to filter or even block out light. Picture your favorite room, with lots of windows letting all that glorious light through. You don’t want those cords...
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Friday Finds: Thibaut’s Damask Resource Volume 3

Great looking wallpaper is what Thibaut is bringing to your home with the release of Damask Resource Volume 3. Thibaut is updating the look of their damasks with gold foil and cork peeking from the background, raised patterns, and heavy on the metallics. Perfect timing for the resurgence of all that is Victorian…with a 2010...
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Knack Studio

Do you enjoy putting a paintbrush to a piece of furniture? Always on the lookout for pieces you can repurpose? Then you will love knack studio. Barb Blair has a great eye for matchmaking furniture with the perfect paint color, sanding all the right angles, and adorning her pieces with the perfect hardware. Lest I...
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