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Cottage Paint is a "chalk" style, dead-flat decorative paint finish first showcased in Minnesota by Hirshfield's Decorating Centers and Drew Beninati of Hirshfield's Plaster Center at the Spring 2013 Junk Bonanza.

Cottage Paint was developed by artist Linda Lock.

Cottage Paint is simply fabulous, quick and easy - no stripping, sanding or primer needed! It adheres tenaciously to reclaimed, recycled or refurbished furniture pieces and achieves a unique beauty and durability with the application of flat or satin waxes.

Achieve the "old world" look of French country finishes, the laid back charm of a beach cottage, or an English country cottage, with these amazing new paint colours and waxes.

24 Delicious Colors
(plus 20 additional colors only at Hirshfield's)

Cottage Paint is a clay-based paint that drys to a silky matte finish and remains porous and easy to sand or wet distress when dry. We didn't invent this paint, it's been around since the frescos in the Sistine Chapel! We did, however bring it up to modern environmental standards by removing almost all of the VOCs in both the bases and the pigments.

1. Cottage Paint dries in about 15 minutes to one hour. BUT for a rule of thumb - never do more than THREE applications of anything to a piece per day.

2. It adheres to just about any surface you can think of: Wood. Plastic. Metal. Brick, Melamine...

3. It requires NO sanding, priming or stripping. NO prep work -- just a CLEAN surface.

4. It can be distressed as soon as it is dry using a damp cloth or fine sand paper.

5. Cottage Paint does not roll or peel like latex when sanded, and appears as if the paint has truly worn off over time.

What kind of protective finish do you use?

I use Cottage Paint’s clear wax most of the time. It doesn’t change the paint color but intensifies it- deepens the hue. I usually do one – maybe two coats of wax, but for table tops where more protection or water resistance is definitely needed- three coats. I also use Cottage Paint’s Antique Wax for a more antiqued look. AND ALL COATS ARE APPLIED LIGHTLY- wiping the excess with a lint free cloth as you go.

For a really tough finish, you can use Cottage Paint varnishes (matte or gloss) for interior use, OR Satin Wax or Invisible Sealer for exterior use.

We also have a ZERO VOC pure beeswax finish that smells wonderful and polishes to a beautifully even, low sheen. To read about the beeswax, click here.

How many colors are available?

There are 24 base colors. And Hirshfield's stores offer an additional 33 colors. Plus, Cottage Paint colors can be mixed to create new colors. So when you account for mixing and playing with variations of these base color hues, the palette is endless.


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